Wedding Soup and Chicken


  • Old stewer or (best) fryer Chicken
  • 4 rib celery
  • 1 big onion
  • parsely


Start Pot water on to boil. Cut chicken down the middle. Cut/ clean guts and sharp bones, neck, gibbets –not liver. Put chicken in pot, let come to a boil. Skim foam with strainer. Reduce heat between med high to high until meat is tender. Chop celery and onion (to your liking). peel onion, slice then chop. Take chicken out. Strain stock 2 times. Need 2 pots. Put water in second pot to get excess drippings. wash original pot out and return stock. Pour into stock till full. Cut chicken up while waiting for stock to come to slow boil. Put on low heat. add chicken baste (to taste). Put celery, onion and parsley. Then let it cook slow.

Meatballs: make the meat balls ½ lb for soup. roll them out put on wax paper and freeze. Then take meatballs out put in baggie if not using right away or put into boiling pot of broth.

P.S. I need a medium strainer + a small strainer this takes all the other scrap out of the broth and I will have clear chicken soup.